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Recycle Bin Waste Separation Trash Bin (Special Edition)
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Recycle Bin Waste Separation Trash Bin (Special Edition)

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Weight: 2 kg, 450 grams
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With our commitment to continous improving and innovating, we have been carefully listening to our customers. We found that some users prefer stronger structure for extra mobility and heavier usage. To make these feedbacks count, we managed to improvise the Best-Seller RB01 to bring you the RB01SE (Special Edition) made from higher grade flute material with at least 2X stronger. 

Product Details:

Length (mm)  880 870
Width (mm) 425 405
Height (mm) 355 350

No of Column  

Adjustable Size (mm)

      Volume (Liter)

Sub total Volume (Liter)

          2             255              36.1                72.2
          1             330              46.8                46.8
  Total Volume (Liter)                119.0


Comparison of 2 types of material.   


Weight Simulation (8kg vertical load onto the centre of the bin)


RB01 Special Edition

The higher grade material provides significant strength to the structure where less bending is observed as compared to RB01.

Water Resistent test

We applied ice cube/ ice water and wet tissue to simulate user's action in exposing the product to wet environment. 

After 3 hours of stress test, the vertical flute lines of RB01 structure was surfaced whereby we believe its strength had been significantly weakened as compared to RB01SE.  

We left the samples to dry naturally indoor for 48 hours. RB01SE is seen to have recovered better as compared to RB01 with obvious deformation/ uneven surface seen at the wet spot.

We keep all the good design of RB01 in RB01SE, the only 2 significant changes are the higher grade material and the label design which help to distinguish 2 different products.

It is advisable to use transparent bag to allow collector to easily identify the recyclable materials inside.

Get this bin now to help making Malaysia cleaner for us all.

Folding Instruction: