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Display Box (Autumn Day)

Display Box (Autumn Day)

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Item details
Weight: 600 grams
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Dimension (CM)
Length (cm)  15
Width (cm) 13.5
Height (cm) 12

This product will bring you to whole new dimension of Do It Yourself (DIY) whereby you will be bulding a room with Autumn theme that can be nicely view through via a transparent hard case that comes along with the package. It's weight is about 600g, and with the difficulty level of bigginer, the approximate completion time is 4-6 hours. It comes with LED lights which are powered by battery (wow! now you can enjoy the night romantic view too!)   

Including a couple doll gift (HEIGHT : 3cm) and tools (ruler, tweezers and sili glue)

You can handmade every piece of the details by yourself, and they looks so real!

A full coloured manual guide with detailed instructions, photos& dimension of each items is provided (written in Chinese).

We have chosen the energy saving LED (3X more saving and envoronmental friendly) powered by the battery box which is much safer than using a direct current.