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Recycle Bin Waste Separation Trash Bin DIY
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Recycle Bin Waste Separation Trash Bin DIY

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Weight: 1 kg, 300 grams
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We think that law enforcement alone is not sufficient to change the “so what” attitude of many Malaysians because there are still many ways to avoid from being caught not complying to the the waste separation law. The classic example is to pack all the non-separated waste and throw it far away from home such as a public rubbish bin or even the neighbor’s in order to avoid the compound. We believe creating public self-awareness is the most effective strategy, and yet the most challenging one.

This irresponsible act can only be corrected if we solve the problem from its root- EDUCATION. It is hard to change the stubborn adults but we are trying our best to influence our kids, and hopefully the stubborn relatives or neighbors will change one day. But what if the bad guys don’t even bother to change? Hmmm, they can’t live forever right? :) If education is being done correctly, we will eventually achieve our goal of a CLEAN NATION. It is just the matter of time.


Although we have been selling waste separation bins to many families across Malaysia in the belief of creating convenience for the people to perform waste separation, we still believe we can do better on education part. We want to make this boring subject more fun and engaging for the kids thus we decided to give away our artwork design of the hot-selling RB02 by leaving it blank.

Product Details:

Length (mm)  510 495
Width (mm) 290 276
Height (mm) 355 347

Volume per each column = 13.9 Liter

Total volume = 41.7 Liter


Now you can teach your kid about the types of waste to be separated, and let the creativity flows in him/her to design the artwork. We provide 4 pieces of blank/ plain stickers (1 extra) for the kids to learn by drawing. Your kid will be the designer of this one-piece-only limited edition waste separation bin whereby its design can be personalized in any language you like.


We also offer a box of 12 colors crayon for your little designer.


We strongly believe this engaging process will help the kids to establish the habit of separating waste and keep it with them for a long time, so do the dads and mums. Let's do this together and be proud of our nation’s success in waste separation soon.