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Hippo Bookshelf
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Hippo Bookshelf

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Weight: 3 kg, 500 grams
Stock: Stock available

Brand: Boxingpartner
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The problem of excessive screen time for our kids is REAL. This would be harsh but it is a fact that many parents use screen as an VERY EFFECTIVE tool to keep their kids occupied and quite. Therefore it is extremely IMPORTANT for kids to pick up the right habit and fall in love with books at the young age, before they are being consumed and addicted to the video games.  

Cultivating reading habit in kids is not as simple as buying a bunch of colourful books and leaving it there hoping they will love it, especially if you have introduced them the POWER of smartphone/ tablet...whatever type of screen you prefer. Besides reading with them as what the parenting experts have been suggesting, you need to create a space for them to READ, a space where the kids are feeling so much FUN to be in there.

Our team has come out with a book shelf which its design is inspired by the cute creature every kids love to play with: hippopotamus or in short, Hippo.

The cartoon figure is unargubly more adorable.

Product Information

Dimension (CM)
Length (cm)  91.5
Width (cm) 48.3
Height (cm) 57.1

Suitable Age Group 1-6 years old
Product Weight 3.5kg
Vertical Load 30kg

3mm B-flute corrugated paper & 8mm AB-flute corrugated paper

The bookshelf provides 4 sturdy column for books storage, it can sustain upto 30kg of weight without any issue.

Even the hippo is encouraging the kids to read!

We hope this hippo figure bookshelf will bring our kid closer to the nature, and growing up as an individual who takes care of our planet earth. Grab one hippo bookshelf today and start reading with your kids!