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Foldable Portable Reusable Toilet Bowl for Kid's Toilet Training
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Foldable Portable Reusable Toilet Bowl for Kid's Toilet Training

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Weight: 70 grams
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While this is being written, I  tried to recall how I learnt to properly shxx on a toilet bowl...Oh no! I used to learn how to squad when I was 5 and wasn't sitting comfortably as the sitting toilet design was considered as something luxury in those days. Unfortunately the memories I could recall are very fragmented, Youtube and Facebook were not invented to capture the precious moments in my childhood time.

I believe it is a great challenge or somehow an enjoyable journey for parents dealing with the toilet/potty training of their growing kid. Let's take a few minutes to enjoy the video and have some good laugh.

There are thousand reasons to hate potty train, these are just a few of them. Nevertheless, I believe it is an important part of the very precious parenting journey of every proud parent.

Boxingpartner team acknowledges this and wanting to help in making toilet/ potty training more effective. Amid rising cost of living, we have come out a solution which is both cost efficient and effective. It is very effective as we can cultivate the kids to "hold" and not to "release" on the diapers while a public toilet is not reachable. The foldable toilet bowl provides a full control to the parents in dealing with kid's "emergency event", whether in a car or a picnic site or even shopping malls especially when the washroom is in long queue or in most occasions: too DIRTY to be used.

Foldable toilet bowl provides effective toilet/ potty training for parents on the go with it's incredibly easy assembly and portability.

Gentle Reminder: To be used under the supervision of an adult.

Product Information

Dimension (CM)
Length (cm)  25
Width (cm) 21
Height (cm) 12.3

Suitable Age Group 1-3 years old
Vertical Load below 25kg
Packaged Size 13.3cm x 3.3cm x 12cm
Product Weight 0.07kg
Material 3mm B-flute corrugated paper

Built Size 25cm x 21cm x 12.3cm

Foldable toilet bowl is small enough to fit into a purse, pocket and diaper bag.

Did I just mention portability? Well, just look at how small its folded size is and how nicely built when it is formed up.

Deployment is extremely easy and fun, most importantly your kid will be enjoy doing this her/himself and making the toilet/ potty training very effective.

Each box comes with a plastic bag. The product is reusable depands on how you handle it. After the business is done with the kid, as an responsible adult and parent, we expect you to properly wrap and dispose the plastic bag to set a good example to the kid. Along the way as the kid is growing up, he/she would learn about RESPONSIBILITY and manage his/her personal hygene INDEPENDENTLY. 

There are other unfoldable potties made from colourful plastic, but it is probably not wise to carry it around in a shopping mall. Just to add on, diapers are not environmental friendly, unless we use those grandma type of washable "lampin", but how many of our young parents would wanna use it today? The earlier the little one got trained, the fewer diapers were to be used.  


Let's train him/her up effectively and do something good to the environment.

Add to chart now to add some excitement to the toilet/ potty training of your little one.


Bryan Tan