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Kid's Self Painted Banglow
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Kid's Self Painted Banglow

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Today's problem in most families

Nowadays,kids and parents tend to play their own devices and less communicate with each other. The addiction even extending into dinning table or precious family time. 

We the adult must do something before this turn into some serious social problems.

Product Information

Boxingpartner has taken the effort to bring you solutions which will encourange family members to enjoy real fun TOGETHER. 

Dimension (CM)
Length (cm)  130
Width (cm) 130
Height (cm) 150

Suitable Age Group 3-8 years old
Packaged Size 91cm x 67cm x 6cm
Weight 5kg

3mm B-flute corrugated board

Built Size 130cm x 130cm x 150cm
Purpose Kids DIY to build and colour to promote creativity, encourage interaction between siblings and parents.

Are you one of the parents who is much troubled with these problems?

- Kid is showing little interest on school art project.

- Kid has very little interest to learn new things.

- Kid is too dependant.

- Kid always like to paint on the wall.

- You as a parent do not know how to interact with your kids effectively.

A SMART kid is equiped with these qualities:

1) Emotional Quotient (EQ)
Emotional Quotient makes us aware of our feelings and that of others. It gives empathy, motivation, compassion and an ability to respond skillfully to pleasure and pain by understanding own emotions and the emotions of the others and to act appropriately. 

2) Intelligent Quotient (IQ)
Intelligent Quotient is the ultimate intelligence of a person. It is the ability to carry out abstract thinking, to adjust yourself to your environment. Intelligent activity consists of grasping the essentials in a given situation and responding. 

3) Adversity Quotient (AQ)
Adversity Quotient is a measure of how you respond to adversity. It indicates how well you withstand adversity and your ability to surmount it. This predicts who gives up and who fights back and wins. 

4) Creativity Quotient (CQ)
Creativity Quotient is the ability to generate innovative ideas and manifest them from thought into reality. The process involves original thinking and then producing. 


Every graphic was carefully selected to an interesting story. Mums and dads will have the opportunity to tell interesting stories to their kid during the colouring process. 

The size of the structure is pretty huge for a kid to set up by their own, thefore parents should be doing it with the kids together. That is how the interaction comes in the picture! For a kid between 3-6 years old, it is crictically important to entablish the hands-on ability, therefore this PROJECT becomes very meaningful and memorable when it is accomplished under the supervision and guidance of the parents.

Special Features of this product:

1. It is very safe and environmental friendly whereby it is light, made of non-harzardous material and structural design.

2. Kid will have opportunity to produce endless creativity through the coloring process.
*Free oil pastels-12 colours (comply with non-toxic safety standards: Europe EN71 and US ASTM-D4236)

3. The struture is pretty spacious and allow much opportunities for the kid to play the way they love to. Don't be surprised when your little one even wanna sleep or eat inside the structure, to enjoy their the so-called "private mement".

It is really glad to see how much fun we have brought to these families.

Your kid deserves something much better than just staring at a COLD screen, do something to let them experience the real childhood FUN, TOGETHER with YOU.

Together we will make a better Malaysia.


Bryan Tan