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Flute Cake Box 701 (20pcs)
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Cat Scratch Board 01
Cat Scratch Board 01
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Cat Sofa 01
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Cat Sofa 01

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Weight: 2 kg, 874 grams
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Product Details:

Length  58.5
Width  29.3
Height 30.5
Cat is a cute and somewhat lazy creature who demands lots of pampering, we hope you have not encountered the following scene though. Well, if it get on to a chair, it might not seems ergonomic for them too.
We understand that cat naturally loves to play with box materials and SCRATCH. Therefore we bring you the Cat Sofa to pamper your lovely pet and most importantly avoiding your expensive sofa and leather handbag being "attacked" unintentionally by the naughty yet very cute kitty.
Please enjoy the videos to see how adorable or enjoying these little creatures are with the box materials. 
This flute structure will make your cat enjoying scratching so much, and even addicted to it!
The design of this sofa is comfortable and safe for your cats, they can sleep inside the holes or play around it.
They also may lay on top and act like a boss.
Well, if you happen to encounter stray cat visiting your house like this video, you may need to consider getting one of this to reward their presence.
We sincerely hope our fellow Malaysian is a caring animal lover and together we will make this land a better place filling with LOVE.
Purchase NOW and get a Cat Scratch Board worth RM25 for FREE.

Bryan Tan